We have seen a trend of emerging technologies quickly becoming a dominant part of the way we interact with the world around us. In late 2016/early 2017 mobile devices overtake desktop web browsing for the first time. (source) Today almost every company has a presence not just on mobile web, but in the app stores. The popularity of mobile applications however has a long history with 苹果’s iOS celebrating its 10 year anniversary earlier this year.

这套/ Smartwatches

可穿戴手环出货量同比增长35%,达到20只.受以健康为中心的设备需求强劲的推动,2018年第一季度将达到500万台. (source)

  • 在出货量方面,2018年第一季度智能手表占43%. 苹果成为出货量最大的供应商.800万只苹果手表(source)
  • 苹果占据了手机智能手表市场59%的份额. “而苹果的生态系统拥有强大的LTE智能手表, 安卓生态系统中缺乏类似的产品是显而易见的. 如果谷歌决定利用传闻中的Pixel Watch来争取这个机会, 它将启动这一领域急需的竞争.” (source)
  • 苹果公司在2017年最后一个季度售出了800万只苹果手表, the most since the product was introduced and the highest number of shipments in a single quarter for any wearable vendor. That figure is also more than the companies in the Swiss watch industry’s combined sales. (source)
  • 在2月2日的苹果股东大会上. 13, CEO Tim Cook said revenue from the wearables alone is approaching that of a Fortune 400 company. This means 苹果’s wearables business is nearly the size of a company like Jetblue, with at least $6.年销售额70亿美元. (source)

Strategy 分析 published a research note (Aug 2017) claiming that cumulative 苹果 Watch sales now stand in the 30 million range since the device launched in April of 2015. (source)

The growth of smartwatches and other wearables is ultimately going to revolutionize the way users interact with their mobile devices and applications. 提供快照信息的受欢迎程度 & 提醒(文本信息、电话、电子邮件)已经是一个推动采用的因素. New features being added to devices like the 苹果 Watch are allowing it to grow to a new level of engagement with LTE support, GymKit, 心率监测和家庭工具包集成.


AR技术在两个谷歌中都得到了吹捧 & 苹果年度主题大会. Both 安卓 and iOS development kits are being released to expand access to the technology and allow developing a seamless experience.

  • 谷歌的桃色: Includes Augmented Images to provide augmented reality hooks based on image data (think playing a movie trailer when pointing at the poster)
  • 苹果的ARKit 2: Enables Developers To Create the Most Innovative AR Apps for the World’s Largest AR Platform
  • 谷歌I / O Keynote Demo’d AR turn-by-turn navigations powered by 谷歌 Maps Street View

多年来,增强现实技术已经接近被广泛采用的边缘. 《Betway体育彩天堂》等案例研究表明,在某些行业中 & 利用增强现实的普及可以使其使用率和销量猛增.

  • 总共赚了1美元.20亿营收和7.52亿下载量, 根据Apptopia, 一家位于波士顿的应用智能初创公司. (source)
  • Grand View Research估计AR市场价值为100美元.240亿到2024年(source)

Widespread adoption in other industries will likely be driven by innovation in usage and value provided to customers.

  • A potential example is a new feature being rolled out by Capital One for its Auto Navigator app, 是什么帮助购物者找到汽车并迅速获得融资. 而不是手动搜索汽车的融资信息, you can just hold your iPhone up to see make and model details right above the vehicle, 以及你的月供是多少. (source)


亚马逊, 谷歌, 苹果, 三星, and countless 3rd party vendors are all competing for success in the virtual assistant space. 这是苹果WWDC大会上两大主题演讲中经常讨论的话题 & 谷歌I / O.

苹果 acquired Workflow (a task automation app) in early 2017 and is now rolling out Siri Shortcuts with its iOS 12 release

  • Allows API support to integrate common to integrate 3rd party apps into shortcut flows
  • Think quickly paying bills or sending money amongst friends funded by your Arvest app with Siri integrated commands.
物理设备(亚马逊 Echo) & 谷歌回家)

CIRP分析表明,在美国安装的设备基数, 亚马逊Echo占69%, 或者说3100万个单位, 而谷歌首页则有31%, 或者1400万单位. The installed base grew by 18 million units in the quarter ending December 31, 2017. (source)

Around 60% of 亚马逊 Echo and 谷歌 首页 users also have connected at least one other accessory, 如恒温器, 安全系统, 电器, 和照明. (source)

Growth of these physical devices will continue to drive adoption of their underlying “smart” assistants and the benefit those services can buy as other smart devices are added to the ecosystem (thermostats, 安全系统, 灯, 电器, 扬声器等).


Therefore when looking into the next big trends in mobile it is logical to assume it will come from areas being supported by the largest companies in the space. 硬件和软件公司都大力支持可穿戴设备, augmented reality and virtual assistants it is clear these technologies are on a similar path of growth. The customer market has already proven the successes possible in these spaces through wide adoption and profits. Additionally these technologies have passed their tipping point as the early majority has already bought in based on the rates of adoption and sales seen previously. 正如我们所看到的,移动浏览取代了桌面浏览, so too are we seeing landmark swings like a smartwatch company surpassing Swiss watch manufacturers. This means that the newest trends in mobile will likely be in innovative usage of these new mobile technologies.

Personally it seems these technologies are all related around closing the gap between the user and the content. 不再需要刻意地、有意地发布一个媒体, 比如一个网站或应用程序, 与公司的内容交互. The providers are now being integrated directly into the devices and operating systems to provide a seamless experience. Wearables allowing technology to be an accessory with access to information at a glance. 增强现实将企业的数字内容带入现实世界. Virtual assistants becoming a source of suggestions and recommendations for places or services with natural language conversation that can provide a much more trustworthy and personal experience. The business impact of these technologies therefore is allowing a corporation to become more integrated and relevant to a customer than ever before.

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