Last quarter VersionOne (now CollabNet) released their 12th annual State of 敏捷 report. This report is the largest and longest-running 敏捷 report in the world and an indicator of 敏捷 in the world and a bellwether indicator of 敏捷 trends. Data is sourced from a survey completed by 敏捷 practitioners from a wide spectrum of industries sharing their opinions on a wide range of topics including the benefits of 敏捷, advice for scaling enterprise agility, lessons learned to ensure 敏捷 transformation success. Data gathered from the survey provides insight about the adoption of 敏捷; what new practices are emerging; and how the culture of 敏捷 is changing.


Themes and Takeaways from This Report

  • 敏捷 is expanding within the enterprise – 敏捷 is no longer just an IT organization change event. From Lean Startups, to large traditionally bureaucratic corporations and federal agencies, individuals and teams across the spectrum of the professional world are dispelling the myth that 敏捷 is only for technology. Higher-level planning using 敏捷 techniques is on the rise. More respondents are Product Roadmapping (46%) and 敏捷 Portfolio Planning (35%).
  • Organizations are scaling 敏捷 – Scaling 敏捷 is the new norm. Scaled 敏捷 Framework® (SAFe®), Scrum of Scrums, Disciplined 敏捷 Delivery (DaD), Large-Scale Scrum (LESS) are the top four methods being used to scale 敏捷. Use of experienced 敏捷 coaches, consistent practices and processes across teams, the implementation of a common tool across teams are the top three factors reported to have been most helpful in scaling 敏捷.
  • DevOps initiatives are on the rise – This year’s report captured the importance respondents placed on devops. 71% of respondents no longer consider devops to be optional; reporting either adopting or planning to adopt devops within the next 12 months. Respondents cited the top measures of success for their organization’s DevOps initiatives were accelerated delivery speed (58%), improved quality (51%), flow of business value all the way to the end user (44%) and reduction of risk (41%).
  • Customer satisfaction is the top metric of success – The importance of Customer/User Satisfaction as a key measurement of success increased significantly. While business value still ranks highly, Customer/User Satisfaction ranks as the top measure of success for 敏捷 initiatives (57%) and 敏捷 projects (46%). This trend parallels the growing emphasis on customer satisfaction in digital transformation initiatives.
  • 敏捷 Maturity is still a Work in Progress – Only 12% percent responded that their organizations have a high level of competency with 敏捷 practices across the organization. The good news is that 59% recognize maturity is a journey and are committed not to plateau where they are.

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Tom Schaeffer

Tom is the Practice Director for 敏捷 Consulting Services at Client Resources Inc in 奥马哈, NE. He specializes in lean, 敏捷, scrum helping companies catapult their market position by building extremely high performance development organizations.