Good 用户体验 doesn’t stop with designers and the interface. It requires the entire ecosystem of your app to be functioning and reliable. Last week I attended the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado, it is 12.5 miles, 156 turns climbing to over 14,000 feet of elevation. Last year was my first year attending and other than the amazing view we had, 从魔鬼的游乐场, 还有那些在山上飞驰的汽车, I was impressed by the mobile technology they had in 2017.


For each spectator area they brought in wireless internet access points. With this you you received slow speeds for free, but if you paid you’d get broadband type speeds. This was a great option, because then I wasn’t using my own data the whole time. It also went well with their official app that had live race information and live times of the cars that were running the course. Unlike most mainstream motorsports, you can only see a fraction of the race at a time. Having another way to stay up-to-date through my mobile app was great.


This year I attended and was excited to use the app and their wifi again. I downloaded the app before-hand and it was updated… there was no more map of the course, 只有司机的名单. Being able to visualize the course was a major part of what I enjoyed the year prior. But figured it’d still be useful seeing what cars the drivers are driving and their class. Then came the morning of the race and I was even more disappointed.

我们凌晨3点开始开车上山. We get to our spot, set up our chairs and tents, and go to connect to wifi. 就是这个,“ppihcguestwifi”. I connect, and then what little internet I had came screeching to a halt. 没有互联网. 我把wifi关掉,手机几乎没有信号. There’s not enough service to load any pages now, only make calls. I try the wifi again and nothing… Their app couldn’t load anything because it relied on internet service, couldn’t even get the previous list of drivers it had displayed. 该应用程序没有缓存,所以没有存储信息.

一整天, I’d hear mumbles from throughout the spectator area from other people trying to get service. 人们问是不是因为他们没付钱, 没人知道怎么付钱,即使他们也想要.


There’s many places that want an app for their guests but struggle with reliable service. 许多大型建筑不能依赖手机服务, 因为当你深入他们的内心, 信号太弱了. Remote locations struggle because there’s no service available or the system is overwhelmed by the number of people trying to use it, especially if having a large event in a small town that doesn’t have the infrastructure.

这取决于你想让你的应用做什么, it may be entirely possible to have a lot of it available offline. 如果有一个静态的赛车车手列表, 设定可能保持不变的时间表, 或者一个地图, 不应该改变. These are things you can have available even without connecting to the internet. Fetching live data via internet is great for things that need to change a lot, but caching that data is also nice for when you lose service.

If what you want to build requires real-time data being fetched all the time, then the reality is you’ll need to have reliable internet available to your guests. The network needs to be tested and under similar conditions to what your guests will have access too. There’s no sense in investing time and money into an app if your guests can’t even use it, 所以要确保你把一切都搞定.


User experience is often thought to be just the experience you have within the app, 但它远不止于此. 后端服务器的速度和可靠性, 快速网络和接入点的可用性, the thought put into what data needs to be fetched real time and what can be stored, and how your app works with other apps and other devices outside of your phone is all extremely critical to your apps overall 用户体验. There are a lot of great ways to leverage mobile smartphones, but you must remember they rely on a lot of outside dependencies to deliver the information needed.


虽然我对他们的应用的用户体验很苛刻, the race as a whole was incredible and is really well organized. Plus, Volkswagen set the new all time record with their all electric I.D. R赛车. It was the first time an electric car held the all time record and it marked a lot of other firsts and was a great way to show electric technology surpassing internal combustion technology. 所以一定要在网上搜索“VW I”.D. 如果你想了解更多的话.

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I’m a 用户体验 Designer who’s been with CRi since 2015. I have years of experience in interface design and have a studio arts degree from the University of Nebraska, 专注平面设计. I also have a background in motion graphics, video production, and other digital arts. Originally a physics major who was always interested in art, I found interface design and 用户体验 an incredible blend of art and science. 空闲时我痴迷于字体, dream about interior design and get my hands dirty working on cars.